Advertising Mail / Direct Mail

We are here not only to offer our service by sending just your flyers, brochures, catalogs, magazines, and even sample of products to every houses, flats, apartments, offices and even commercial areas letterboxes. 

Delivery options for advertising mail (AdMail)

Advertising Mail / Direct Mail / Flyer Distribution / Leaflet Mail drop also known as leaflets distribution service, is a service that your adv flyer or brochures will be sent from houses to houses, or door to door delivery.

House to House Mailboxes 

i.e. residential areas include landed properties, flats & apartments, office towers & commercial areas etc.

  Cost of The Service.

Hand to Hand Distribution / Hand Drop / Face to Face Delivery

i.e. bus station, schools, colleagues, offices, commercial areas etc.

  Cost of The Service.

Car Screen Delivery

i.e. open air car park lots, offices, commercial areas etc.

  Cost of The Service


 Economy Delivery - House to House Mailboxes
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